Putting more brands into more hands.

At the crossroads of the digital and physical worlds lies Harte Hanks’ eCommerce and Fulfillment group. We don’t just ship or mail. We guide your brand to a safe landing at your customer’s front door, utilizing advanced data and analytics, proprietary technology platforms and high-level customization.

Our global Logistics and Fulfillment division and its supporting infrastructure handles 1.3 million packages and more than 4 billion mail packets each year.

We operate from multiple distribution centers across the U.S. and Europe.

Harte Hanks is an experienced turnkey provider to customers who require high-quality warehouse, product sourcing and pick/pack fulfillment with your business goals always top of mind. We are able to scale and provide flexible solutions that are designed to grow with your business.

We are often called upon to handle the most complex and customized solutions. Which has given us the expertise to handle most anything.

When you call, 24/7, we deliver.

Let’s be in touch: +32 477-949-247.

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Core offerings

  • Literature and premium/promotional items
  • eCommerce
  • Sampling
  • State-of-the-art inventory management / visibility
  • On-demand digital print
  • Point-of-purchase materials & tradeshow distribution ​
  • Proprietary order management technology
  • Compliance regulation expertise

Product Fulfillment

Harte Hanks Fulfillment clients consistently choose us because we are ready to grow and scale to meet their needs, and we bring unmatched end-to-end Product Fulfillment capabilities to bear at the drop of a hat.

Our expertise, industry-leading technology, and dedicated client service capabilities allow us to effectively get your products in front of the right audience for you: B2B, Direct-to-Consumer, or anything in between.

  • Bulk & individual literature/premium and promotional items
  • eCommerce
  • Point-of-purchase materials and branding
  • Event/tradeshow distribution
  • Concierge fulfillment
  • Item procurement
  • Pre-built and dynamic kitting
  • Compliance regulation expertise
  • Custom packaging and assembly


No amount of media spend can compete with guaranteed brand placement in the homes of your customers.

Marketing budgets are shrinking, timelines are getting tighter, and demands from consumers are growing. Harte Hanks puts samples in the hands of your customers and ensures they are on time to the right address and looking great.

  • Pre-built and dynamic kitting​
  • Compliance regulation expertise​
  • Custom packaging and assembly​
  • Product strategy ideation and procurement

Inventory Management

With over 40 years of experience, your Client Services team will ensure how much inventory you need to have on hand, which will prevent product shortages and allow you to keep just enough inventory without having too much.

  • Multiple distribution centers
  • Automated inventory control management​
  • Premium procurement​

Print Services

Digital Print-on-Demand for Just-In-Time Inventory replenishment along with print procurement strategies that help supplement all of your printing needs.

  • Digital; personalized and static​
  • Commercial print management​

nexTouch™: The next step in total technology management

Our Harte Hanks nexTouch™ solution is a tool that allows for total integration between systems, real-time reporting, a transactional database of records, support of compliance regulations, customized kitting, online dynamic content and continuous flexibility to support the ever-changing needs of the business.

Our award-winning order entry system allows for easy ordering of all types of materials, including personalized digital print that allows for true 1:1 communications. Our system is user-friendly and built for use by marketing and sales as well as partners. It provides Harte Hanks customers a powerful tool for literature and premium management and ordering.


Fulfillment Case Studies